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Waddington and West Bradford C.E. Primary School

Fun-filled days while learning together

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Waddington and West Bradford C.E. Primary School

Fun-filled days while learning together


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At WASP club through Spring, Summer,Auntum and Winter we have lots of fun activities always planned by staff, the children also have imput to activities they want to do,we always try to celebrate muliticultral religious festivals and promote British values.  At Auntum the children love crunching the leaves with their feet and using branches to create their own outside dens using twigs and sheets . There was also a spooky side to Auntum with the arrival of Halloween, the children created their own meringue ghosts and scary jack-o-lanterns that they used in the annual Halloween party! They ate witch’s fingers and giant’s toes with a side of BRAINZZZ...This was followed by a BANG and some sparkle as we entered into bonfire week, where they made breadstick and chocolate sparklers (with hundreds & thousands), which tasted amazing (Yum Yum). We have in the past made a scarecrow for the annual Chatburn Halloween scarecrow festival.  Pictures made from glitter finger paints and wax crayons gave a glow to the hall that could only be outcompeted by Christmas and a lot more is yet to come.

From Christmas bookmark presents to freshly made mince pies and a hunt for candy canes, there are lots of exciting activities yet to come for the WASPs. A range of baking and crafts that have proven fun for everyone has just gotten better. We’ll be creating props and accessories for the annual school nativity as well as something special to for them to take home just in time for Christmas day in the form of their very own Christmas crackers! These surprises are sure to go well with the miniature pom pom Christmas trees...

But wait, there’s more! With a selection of activities celebrating Chinese New Year including; decorative masks, edible slime (made from starburst) and dragon bookmarks, and a range of Easter crafts like creating egg garlands, chocolate egg nest cakes (delicious) and Easter bunny crowns. St Patrick’s day comes light with shamrock collages and rainbow pasta necklaces.


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