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Waddington and West Bradford C.E. Primary School

In our Christian family, we Encourage, Serve and Respect everyone and shine in the light of Jesus.

School Logo

Waddington and West Bradford C.E. Primary School

In our Christian family, we Encourage, Serve and Respect everyone and shine in the light of Jesus.


Food and Farming

In this topic:


  • learning about the Stone Age and Skara Brae
  • learning and performing the song, In the Stone Age
  • reading the book, The Boy with the Bronze Axe, and writing our own Stone Age stories
  • learning about how landscape and climate affects agriculture around the world
  • making vegetable soup
  • sketching vegetables in different styles (observational and abstract)
  • carrying out an 'archaeological dig' for Stone Age and Bronze Age artefacts

We borrowed some farming artefacts from Lancashire Museum Service and thought about what they were made from, what they might have been used for, and how old we thought they were.  

We learnt that the artefacts were mostly from the Victorian era and the interwar years.  We also learnt how to handle artefacts properly.

To link with our food and farming topic, we made vegetable soup.

To do this, we tasted twelve different vegetables and chose the ones we would like to put in to a soup.  We split into four groups to create recipes and to make our soups.  

We had to peel, chop and dice the vegetables, and then blended them after they were cooked.

We tasted each of the soups and evaluated the taste and texture to choose our favourite.

Archaeology treasure hunt

Thanks to money from the Friends, we are fortunate to receive artefact loans from Lanacshire Museum Service.


We took on the role of archaeologists to discover Stone Age and Bronze Age artefacts in the school grounds.  We handled them carefully, then sketched, measured and described them before predicting what they might have been used for. 

We later wrote about our experiences as archaologists and what it was like to find such ancient items.

Food Poetry


We read and analysed various poems about food and then had a go at writing our own.


Here are some versions of John Coldwell's poem, 'When the giant comes to breakfast' which is a funny rhyming poem about how much the giant eats and the mess he makes.


When the dragon comes to breakfast

he demands a feast

but the cook just screams

because he is a beast

Next, he loots the drinks

and finds some Iron-bru

soon, he is running down the corridor

and is screaming, "Where's the loo?"


By James



The giant comes

for a very big tea

He eats sixteen chickens

and a pea

Followed by a sink load

of ice cream

He thinks it was real

but it was a dream

Next, he takes a dustbin

filled with fizzy pop

the dustbin lid falls off

and he spills it down his top


By Owen


These poems are based on a poem by Adriana M called 'Restaurant' which is a descriptive, non-rhyming poem about being tempted by the sights and smells of food.


As I ran into the diner

I smelt the warmth and the delicacies

of the warm food

When I was seated on the comfy, sheep skin fur,

I just let out a loud sigh

It was really nice when the waiters gave me a tall glass of sherry

I drank and drank until I couldn't drink any more

Then I ordered decadent fish and chips

I ordered more food and drink

It was the best day ever


By Rhiannon


I walked into the restaurant

The sweet taste of raspberry sorbet for dessert

I sat on a fluffy chair

and ordered some mouth-watering

pizza with chips

Then I got my favourite part - the raspberry sorbet

And I went home


By Erin


I was in the kitchen

I opened the fridge

It gleamed at me

The food I saw was delicious

sloppy, oozy chocolate cake

I looked at it with my 

big, bold eyes

and stuck my face in the sight of heaven


By Gracie