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Waddington and West Bradford C.E. Primary School

Fun-filled days while learning together

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Waddington and West Bradford C.E. Primary School

Fun-filled days while learning together




Waddington After School Provision (WASP Club) is a well-managed, happy and welcoming club providing after school care  for children aged from 3 to 11 attending Waddington and West Bradford Primary School


WASP Club opens as soon as school finishes at 3.20pm, and parents are required to collect children by no later than 5.45pm. It operates during term time in the main school hall. The staff are employed from 3pm to 6pm to allow time for preparation, setting up and tidying up.


Breakfast club is open from 7.45 - 8.45am.  


Sarah Williams is our WASP Club Manager with Lauren Thompson as deputy. Elaine Tasker is our Breakfast Club Supervisor and the Staff Assistants are Linda Child, Elaine Tasker,  Ryan Hargreaves,  Mandy Whaites and are casual staff  Brandon Thompson,  and Faith Thompson.


There are planned  activities  for the children to choose from. We have a different art and craft theme every night. There are so many  toys to choose from including, jigsaws, dressing up, lego ,k'nex and many many more. The children love to play outside, weather permitting - we have lots of bikes and trikes. We rotate our toys every night so the children get a variety of experiences with us. ( Due to Covid-19 there will be certain toys we will not be able to use, these will be items that are not easily cleaned).


The children have drinkinking water avaliable all night , and a snack and a drink of juice/milkshake at about 3.50 pm. At WASP club we pride ourselves on having a varied and healthy snack, enjoying fruit and vegetables everyday. We also cater for vegans, vegetarians as well as gluten free.


How to join


To book a regular place for your child, phone Sarah Williams, our Manager, on 07956 042220 between 3pm and 5:30pm Mon - Fri during term time only, or send an email   Or pop into the club any night and have a word with a member of staff. ( Due to Covid-19 we please ask that you ring or Email unless you can't then please come to see us in club). 


We will provide you with the necessary admission and registration forms, and ask you read our club policies and procedures on the school website, You must sign a form once you have read them to confirm that you agree to abide by those policies. 


We expect parents to commit to a regular weekly booking,we do not accomodate shift pattern bookings. Parents can use 2 ad hoc sessions per half term for emergency as long as we can accommodated the nights wanted and provided the family is registered with us in advance.


Fees and finances


The fees are £7.50 per night per child from September 2014.

(*Fees will be increasing to £8.25 per night per child from September 2020)


Nursery age children will be charged at £10 per night per child. 

(*Fees will be increasing to £11.00 per night per child from September 2020)

Ad hoc can be paid in cash on the night .

Familys who don't have set nights with us and use ad hoc will be charged a different rate 

Pre school £13.00 and all other years £10.25. ( 2 sessions per half term only )


We bill half termly in advance, although we accept flexible payment arrangements if requested. There is no refund for failure to use a place on a given night, and additional nights have to be paid for as an extra.


We charge an annual registration fee of £5.00 per child, which both regular and occasional users must pay when filling in admission forms. 


We can help parents obtain WFTCs for childcare costs, and we are registered to accept childcare vouchers (currently from Accor , Busy Bees, Fideliti and various employers)


The fees for Breakfast club are £3.00 per morning per child currently.

(*Fees will be increasing to £3.50 per morning per child from September 2020)




WASP Club was established in 2001 with a grant from Sure Start.WASP club is an non profit organisation any money made goes back in to the club to buy items and to pay staff and keep training up to date.


WASP Club is organised by a voluntary Management Committee. The current Committee is:


Chair/ Nominated personSally Holden
TreasurerJames Hoyle
SecretaryJenny Taylor
Ordinary members



Judith Kirkbride





If you would like to join the Committee, or if you would like to work for WASP Club, please contact the Club on 07956 042220 or email us on 

January 2021.

Wasp Club would like to inform parents that we strive to stay open during Lockdown 3 for as long as it lasts, we are here for any chidren who can attend school ,please dont feel that you cant send then to Wasp Club as it may put pressure on us , we are open and here to help a best we can.

Kind regards 


 Dear Parents/ carers.        9th November 2020

Due to government guidance please can all parents wear face masks when picking up their child/ren from Wasp club. Please ring the bell and wait for a member to bring your child to you Wasp club staff will also sign your child/ren out to stop lots of peoples touching the pen, please do not enter the club unless you have been asked by a member of staff and a wearing a face mask.